Quantum Key Distribution Gets a Speed Boost

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – http://www.technewsworld.com/story/84983.html?rss=1 A method for scrambling data to protect it from the super powerful computers of the future has received a speed boost from a team of researchers from Duke and Ohio State universities and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The method uses quantum key distribution … Read more

Windows 10: A guide to the updates

Full Article : Computerworld – https://www.computerworld.com/article/3199077/microsoft-windows/windows-10-a-guide-to-the-updates.html#tk.rss_all The launch of a big Microsoft Windows 10 update like the Fall Creators Update isn’t the end of a process — it’s really just the beginning. As soon as a major update is released, Microsoft quickly gets to work on improving it by fixing … Read more

Manage Your Email Using Artificial Intelligence with Astro

Full Article : Make Tech Easier – http://feeds.maketecheasier.com/~r/MakeTechEasier/~3/JeeJ27fs-6Q/ Email has grown from a convenience of the Internet into an indispensable tool inseparable from our modern life. On the other side of the coin, managing emails also evolves from deleting a few messages once in a while into dealing with the … Read more

LosslessCut is a Ridiculously Simple Video Cutter for Linux

Full Article : It’s FOSS – https://itsfoss.com/losslesscut-video-cutter/ Brief: If you want a no-nonsense tool that just lets you cut parts of your videos, give LosslessCut a try. It’s an effortless video splitter for Linux. There are a number of video editors available for Linux. You can use them for professional … Read more

With All the Hacks Lately, Do You Still Trust Saving Your Files to the Cloud?

Full Article : Make Tech Easier – http://feeds.maketecheasier.com/~r/MakeTechEasier/~3/6KImpcFScuI/ Security is often a concern we have with technology. One area we’re never too sure about is the Cloud. Since we don’t physically have the files we place in the Cloud, it makes it hard to trust it, especially in relation to … Read more

Moshi releases first-ever certified 5K USB-C to DisplayPort cable

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2017/11/30/moshi-certified-5k-usbc-displayport/ While the MacBook Pro doesn’t have a dedicated video port, that really doesn’t matter. Thanks to its versatile USB-C ports, any port can output video with the correct cable or dongle. In other words, a USB-C to HDMI, VGA, or DisplayPort cable can allow … Read more

Major Players Roll Up Sleeves to Solve Open Source Licensing Problems

Full Article : LinuxInsider – http://www.linuxinsider.com/story/84980.html?rss=1 Four big tech players this week moved to improve their handling of open source software licensing violations. Red Hat, Google, Facebook and IBM said they would apply error standards in the most recent GNU GPLv3 to all of their open source licensing, even licenses … Read more

Every Instagram Fanatic Needs to Get These 5 Instagram Apps

Full Article : Make Tech Easier – http://feeds.maketecheasier.com/~r/MakeTechEasier/~3/dy7t5vmZ5Dc/ If you are still Instagramming using only the official Instagram app, then you must be having a hard time getting to the spotlight. All those popular Instagrammers out there don’t just use the official app to add those perfect hashtags, amazing effects, … Read more

About Computerworld’s Best Places to Work in IT

Full Article : Computerworld – https://www.computerworld.com/article/2539833/it-management/it-management-best-places-to-work-in-it.html#tk.rss_all What do IT workers want? Fair paychecks, challenging work and ample opportunities for growth, for starters. Our annual listing showcases the organizations that excel at keeping their employees engaged and loyal with compensation, training and access to hot technologies. The report is published every … Read more

The time-saving typing trick every Android user should try

Full Article : Computerworld – https://www.computerworld.com/article/3239170/android/android-typing-trick.html#tk.rss_all You’ve probably figured this out by now, but I love finding clever little ways to save time and make life a teensy bit easier. And when it comes to Android and Chromebooks, boy howdy, are there plenty of efficiency-enhancing gems just waiting to be … Read more

American Airlines computer glitch gives all pilots Christmas off

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2017/11/30/american-airlines-christmas/ Christmas is quickly approaching and Santa is not the only one flying for the holiday. The yuletide season is one of the most popular travel times of the year. After all, as the song says There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays. If you’ve planned your trip out and … Read more

Spotify vs. Google Play Music vs. Apple Music: Which Should You Use?

Full Article : Make Tech Easier – http://feeds.maketecheasier.com/~r/MakeTechEasier/~3/sOWSDsnSZH4/ The three giants of the streaming music industry are all broadly similar. They have similarly large libraries, nearly identical monthly fees, and similar feature sets. So how do we decide whether Spotify, Google Play Music or Apple Music is the best streaming … Read more

Almost half of businesses think their leadership is digitally illiterate

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2017/11/30/business-digital-illiteracy/ Digital transformation is increasingly critical to business success, yet a new survey of technology professionals shows that 47 percent lack confidence in the digital literacy of their leadership. The study by technology association ISACA shows less than 25 percent of organizations believe their senior leadership … Read more

Toshiba unveils 2TB XG5-P NVMe SSD

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2017/11/30/toshiba-2tb-xg5p-nvme-ssd/ For computer enthusiasts, we are living in a very exciting time. Hardware is faster than ever, while prices for parts are quite reasonable. You can build a very capable PC without breaking the bank. One of my favorite components is the solid state drive. … Read more

The crypto rally is over as market enters correction

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2017/11/30/cryptocurrency-market-correction-november/ Fueled by Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and other major players, the crypto market hit a new all-time-high yesterday, reaching a valuation of over $345 billion. But, as the saying goes, what goes up must come down. So, as the incredible rally finally came to an … Read more

Ivanti inventories and protects enterprise endpoints

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2017/11/30/enterprise-endpoint-protection/ Endpoint systems continue to be the weakest point for most organizations, allowing a potential route for hackers to penetrate networks and steal data. IT and security operations specialist Ivanti is launching a new version of its Endpoint Manager and Endpoint Security aimed at simplifying … Read more

Get November Windows and Office updates installed — carefully

Full Article : Computerworld – https://www.computerworld.com/article/3239327/microsoft-windows/get-november-windows-and-office-updates-installed-carefully.html#tk.rss_all The list of complaints about this month’s patches goes on forever. I covered the high points a couple of days ago. We’ve seen people who are running Win10 Creators Update and who specifically said they didn’t want to upgrade to Fall Creators Update get … Read more

Undistract-me : Get Notification When Long Running Terminal Commands Complete

Full Article : OSTechNix – https://www.ostechnix.com/undistract-get-notification-long-running-terminal-commands-complete/ A while ago, we published how to get notification when a Terminal activity is done. Today, I found out a similar utility called “undistract-me” that notifies you when long running terminal commands complete. Picture this… The post Undistract-me : Get Notification When Long Running … Read more