Fedora 27 Atomic Offers Multi-Arch Support, Workstation, Containerized Kubernetes, and More

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Fedora Magazine - https://fedoramagazine.org/fedora-27-atomic-offering/

Fedora 27 Atomic Host became available at the same time as Fedora 27, and we’ve included a bunch of changes and features to make it an even better platform for your container cloud. Highlights of this version include multi-architecture support, containerized Kubernetes, Workstation, a single OverlayFS volume by default, and new OSTree layering capabilities.

Multi-Architecture Support

Thanks to tremendous efforts across the Fedora project, Fedora 27 Atomic Host is available for 64-bit ARM and Power8 processor architectures as well as 64-bit Intel (i.e. AArch64, ppc64le and x86_64). Not only are we distributing ISOs and cloud images for all three architectures,

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