Dual-screen clamshell devices will kill the tablet

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Computerworld - https://www.computerworld.com/article/3244472/smartphones/dual-screen-clamshell-devices-will-kill-the-tablet.html#tk.rss_all

Phones have on-screen keyboards. Laptops have clamshell designs.

The next-generation enterprise mobile device will have both.

A dual-screen clamshell mobile device makes sense. Smartphone makers want to maximize screen real estate. This form factor doubles it to the size of a small tablet.

Tablet makers want portability. The dual-screen clamshell mobile enables a tablet to be folded in half and put into a pocket.

Above all, dual-screen clamshell mobiles are super flexible. They could potentially be used in eight different “modes”:

Phone mode. With the clamshell closed, hold it to your ear and talk on the phone. Laptop mode. Open the clamshell part

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