39% off American Red Cross Blackout Buddy Emergency Nightlight – Deal Alert

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Computerworld - https://www.computerworld.com/article/3245787/consumer-electronics/26-off-american-red-cross-blackout-buddy-the-emergency-nightlight-deal-alert.html#tk.rss_all

Just leave the slim and trim Blackout Buddy in your wall socket and you’ll never be in the dark. It automatically turns on when the power goes out so that you can easily locate it. Then, fold away the prongs and you’ve got yourself a flashlight. A very bright idea from the American Red Cross. Flip a switch and the Blackout Buddy also doubles as an LED nightlight, so you can keep your kids’ rooms, hallways, or kitchen always illuminated. The Blackout Buddy keeps itself charged and provides up to 4 hours of light when needed. It averages 4.5 out

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