Surface Pro (2017) owners hitting Win10 1803 update blue screens. Now we know why.

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As Win10 version 1803 rattles through the unpaid beta-testing phase, it’s snagged another victim — Intel’s aging SSD6 solid-state drives. Both Microsoft and Intel now admit that running Win10 version 1803 on Intel 600p or Pro 6000p is a recipe for disaster.

Some Surface Pro (2017) models ship with “bad” Intel SSD Pro 6000p drives. Customers are complaining about freezes with Win10 version 1803 — and the Microsoft support folks don’t have a clue what’s causing the problem. Now we know.

Here’s how the drama unfolded.

Win10 version 1803 has been in beta testing for centuries, in internet time. The “final” version, build

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