Mozilla’s claims of Firefox Quantum success aren’t confirmed by user stats

Full Article : Computerworld – Mozilla on Thursday touted Firefox Quantum, the browser upgrade launched one month ago, as its biggest release ever and said early adoption metrics have been “super encouraging.” But preliminary browser measurements taken by the U.S. government show only a small increase in Firefox’s domestic … Read more

Why Windows 7 updates are getting bigger

Full Article : Computerworld – Windows 7’s security rollups, the most comprehensive of the fixes it pushes out each Patch Tuesday, have almost doubled in size since Microsoft revamped the veteran operating system’s update regimen last year. According to Microsoft’s own data, what it calls the “Security Quality Monthly … Read more

Microsoft’s Edge browser is in serious trouble

Full Article : Computerworld – Microsoft’s Edge browser is less popular with Windows 10 users than earlier thought, if revised data from a U.S. analytics vendor can be believed. According to Net Applications of Aliso Viejo, Calif., Edge has been designated the primary browser by fewer than one in … Read more

What’s in the latest Chrome update?

Full Article : Computerworld – Google this week issued Chrome 63 for Windows, macOS and Linux, adding important security enhancements for enterprises to stress the importance the company now puts on the commercial market. “Starting with [this] release, Site Isolation is now available … [which] renders content for each … Read more

One year later, enterprises still wrestle with Windows 7’s cumulative updates

Full Article : Computerworld – More than a year after Microsoft changed its decades-long security updating practices, enterprises running Windows 7 continue to struggle with the new system, patch experts said today. “I still see people asking for individual updates, even on the [Windows] 10 operating system,” said Susan … Read more

Mozilla’s record 2016 revenue funded its Firefox Quantum browser

Full Article : Computerworld – Mozilla last week announced that revenue in 2016 exceeded $500 million, the first time it broke the half-billion-dollar bar, while development costs climbed 6% as the organization worked up Firefox Quantum, the revamped browser it shipped in November. The bulk of the $520 million … Read more

Windows by the numbers: Windows 7’s recalculated share shows faster-than-thought decline

Full Article : Computerworld – Windows 7 dropped below the 50% user share mark last month, finally ceding the operating system majority on Windows PCs. Ironically, the decline of Windows 7 was good news for Microsoft, which wants customers to move to the newer Windows 10 as soon as … Read more

Top web browsers 2017: Microsoft, Mozilla tumble as analytics vendor exterminates bot traffic

Full Article : Computerworld – Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge browsers tumbled last month in user share as the once-universal programs ran on just one in every six personal computers worldwide. According to U.S. analytics vendor Net Applications, the user share of IE and Edge – an estimate … Read more

FAQ: Windows 10’s new browser-ized UI – Sets

Full Article : Computerworld – Microsoft this week announced that upcoming previews of Windows 10 would include new features designed to boost productivity on a personal computer. Dubbed “Timeline” and “Sets,” the former previously trumpeted months ago, the latter a revelation, the pair will, promised Microsoft’s top Windows executive, … Read more

Brave browser opens users’ wallets to YouTube content creators

Full Article : Computerworld – Brave Software, the company behind the niche Brave browser, earlier this month opened its digital currency-based reward system to YouTube content creators, giving users a way to send influencers small amounts of cash. “Audiences can use the Brave Payments system to reward their favorite … Read more

Microsoft sets a cutoff date for free Office app viewers

Full Article : Computerworld – Microsoft is warning customers that it will retire several Office application viewers in little more than four months, shutting off the spigot to the free document readers used by those without the productivity suite. “The Excel Viewer, PowerPoint Viewer, PowerPoint 2007 Viewer and the … Read more