Creatives Not Likely to Blanch at iMac Pro’s $5K Price

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – Apple will release a professional version of its all-in-one iMac desktop computer with a $5,000 price tag on Thursday. Up to now, all-in-one computers in general and iMacs in particular have been seen as stylish offerings for home and family, but Apple has changed … Read more

Oops… Some HP Laptops Shipped With Hidden Keylogger

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – Some HP laptops users came with a preinstalled program to capture the keystrokes of users, a security researcher recently discovered. The researcher, Michael Myng aka “ZwClose,” discovered the keylogger software while trying to solve a keyboard problem for a friend. The software is turned … Read more

Quantum Key Distribution Gets a Speed Boost

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – A method for scrambling data to protect it from the super powerful computers of the future has received a speed boost from a team of researchers from Duke and Ohio State universities and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The method uses quantum key distribution … Read more

Major Players Roll Up Sleeves to Solve Open Source Licensing Problems

Full Article : LinuxInsider – Four big tech players this week moved to improve their handling of open source software licensing violations. Red Hat, Google, Facebook and IBM said they would apply error standards in the most recent GNU GPLv3 to all of their open source licensing, even licenses … Read more

Risky Scripts Pose Threat to Web Surfers, Say Researchers

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – A popular technique used by website operators to observe the keystrokes, mouse movements and scrolling behavior of visitors on Web pages is fraught with risk. The technique offered by a number of service providers uses scripts to capture the activity of a visitor on … Read more

Facebook Messenger Promises Speedy Delivery of 4K Pics

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – Facebook on Tuesday raised the ante for messaging apps photo quality with the announcement of 4K support for Messenger. Starting Tuesday, “people can send and receive photos in Messenger at 4K resolution — or up to 4,096 x 4,096 pixels per image — the … Read more

Marcher Malware Poses Triple Threat to Android Users

Full Article : LinuxInsider – A three-pronged banking malware campaign has been infecting Android phones since the beginning of this year, according to security researchers. Attackers have been stealing credentials, planting the Marcher banking Trojan on phones, and nicking credit card information. So far, they have targeted customers of … Read more

iPhone X Delivers on Apple’s Promises and That’s Plenty, Say Reviewers

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – Reviews of Apple’s next generation iPhone X have started appearing online, and for the most part, critics have showered praise on the product. “The iPhone X is clearly the best iPhone ever made,” wrote Nilay Patel. “It’s thin, it’s powerful, it has ambitious ideas … Read more

Neural Nets Give Low-End Phone Pics DSLR Look

Full Article : LinuxInsider – Researchers have found a way to use neural networks to create DSLR-quality photos from snapshots taken with low-end smartphones. A team of scientists at the ETH Zurich Computer Vision Lab recently published a paper describing a deep learning approach that uses neural networks to … Read more

Google’s Pixel 2 Earns High Marks in Spite of Dull Design

Full Article : LinuxInsider – As Google’s new Pixel 2 smartphones get ready to hit the shelves, reviews of the models have begun mushrooming online. While the new phones generally have received positive grades, many reviewers found the their design boring. “The Pixel 2 hardware is ho-hum,” observed Patrick … Read more

Android Devs May Follow Apple’s Face ID Lead

Full Article : LinuxInsider – Apple’s use of facial recognition to unlock its iPhone X may open the gates for developers champing at the bit to bring the technology to the Android world. Face ID, which will replace fingerprint scanning in Apple’s new $1,000 iPhone X, uses Apple’s TrueDepth … Read more