Blockchain jobs continue to explode, offer salary premiums

Full Article : Computerworld – An uptick in job openings for technologists with blockchain development skills  continued through the last quarter of 2017. Blockchain developers rank second among the top 20 fastest-growing job skills, and job postings for workers with those skills have more than doubled this year. Next … Read more

Powermat to upgrade to 15W wireless charging, support Apple’s new iPhones

Full Article : Computerworld – Powermat plans to release an upgrade to its wireless charging technology in January  that will enable 15-watt power transfers through a 1.5-in. thick solid surface and provide support for new Apple iPhones and other Qi-enabled devices. The wireless charging company also plans to release … Read more

What is blockchain? The most disruptive tech in decades

Full Article : Computerworld – Blockchain is poised to change IT in much the same way open-source software did a quarter of a century ago. And in the same way that Linux took more than a decade to become a cornerstone in modern application development, Blockchain will take years … Read more

How killing Net Neutrality will affect enterprise mobility

Full Article : Computerworld – Efforts to dismantle net neutrality will likely effect enterprises and the way they do business, from how mobile apps are designed to where companies choose to store data commonly accessed on mobile devices. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) intends to vote this Thursday to … Read more

How blockchain will underpin the new trust economy

Full Article : Computerworld – Over the next two years, enterprises are expected to ramp up their efforts to test blockchain technology as part of a new method of establishing trust in a digital economy. New research from consultancy Deloitte LLP shows a “trust economy” is now developing around … Read more

iOS 11 overtakes earlier versions of Apple’s mobile OS

Full Article : Computerworld – Apple’s iOS 11 is now on almost six in 10 of the company’s mobile devices, according to new data shared by the company. On Nov. 8, less than two months after its Sept. 19 release, the mobile platform had achieved just over a 50% adoption … Read more