What is a blockchain smart contract?

Full Article : Opensource.com – https://opensource.com/article/17/12/whats-blockchain-smart-contract The first thing to know about blockchain smart contracts is they’re not contracts, smart, or necessarily on a blockchain. They are, in fact, singularly ill-named.1 Let’s address these issues in reverse order, and we should find out exactly what a smart contract actually is along the … Read more

Is blockchain a security topic?

Full Article : Opensource.com – https://opensource.com/article/17/12/blockchain-security-topic Blockchains are big news at the moment. There are conferences, startups, exhibitions, open source projects (in fact, pretty much all of the blockchain stuff going on out there is open source—look at Ethereum, Zcash, and Bitcoin as examples); all we need now are hipster-run … Read more