Throwback Thursday: Never mind…

Full Article : Computerworld – This IT project is highly visible, and management is taking no chances. “To ensure that it is managed properly, execs contract with a highly advertised consulting firm to provide a thundering herd of expert project managers,” says a pilot fish on the project. “Never … Read more

OK, now THAT’S the end!

Full Article : Computerworld – This pilot fish is developing a series of training videos for a non-profit mental health organization, and he’s pretty happy with the results. “I created lessons for entering the system, setting up clients and entering client information, including family info, medicines, insurance and schools, … Read more

Those @#$%! spoilsports!

Full Article : Computerworld – This pilot fish and his family vacation at a resort condominium for two weeks every year — and getting an internet connection has been a longstanding challenge. “Until a few years ago, a connection was only available in public buildings,” says fish. “But about … Read more

Thermostat Wars: The Last Degree

Full Article : Computerworld – Two co-workers in this IT department are locked in not-quite-mortal combat over one of the highest-stakes elements of their professional lives, reports a pilot fish on the scene: the office temperature. “One was a petite lady in QA named Betty, who was constantly cold,” … Read more

So THAT’S who needs a DBA on the payroll!

Full Article : Computerworld – This company manages to get by without a database administrator for more than five years with hardly anyone seeing that as a problem, reports a pilot fish on the scene. “Right up until the system went down for hours after a developer dropped a … Read more

Throwback Thursday: Who you callin’ a scope creep?

Full Article : Computerworld – Programmer pilot fish is approached by some of the company’s engineers. Can fish whip up a small database to track issues on the manufacturing line as they run tests? Sure, says fish. But before he can get started, a newly hired engineer gets wind … Read more

At last, a place that really appreciates him!

Full Article : Computerworld – Freshly hired C++ programmer goes to work in this IT department, and in short order there’s just one question on everyone’s lips, according to a pilot fish working there: What the heck is it with this guy? “He came into work late every day, … Read more


Full Article : Computerworld – There’s a major system failure in this data center, and it’s all-hands-on-deck for everybody in IT, according to a consultant pilot fish who’s been through this before. “I’m willing to help as best I can,” fish says. “In order to be viewed as a … Read more

It all connects up eventually

Full Article : Computerworld – Pilot fish is testing a new IT business management system for his company, and decides to have a little fun while he’s at it. “I had access to the development environment to work out the purchasing process,” says fish. “I’d log in, create a … Read more

Who says IT contractors don’t get any perks?

Full Article : Computerworld – Even though he’s an IT contractor, this pilot fish is in the same boat as regular employees when it comes to being asked to work unpaid overtime. “Well, not exactly asked,” says fish. “Just assigned work that can’t be completed in a normal work … Read more

Throwback Thursday: Fringes with benefits

Full Article : Computerworld – This pilot fish is updating the company’s intranet welcome page with information from the HR department. “It’s a Word document regarding updates to our 401(k) program, with a link where employees can visit to update their own investment allocations,” says fish. “When I move … Read more

Just one bright idea after another

Full Article : Computerworld – This IT pilot fish writes software for a distribution center that tracks the process of packing customer orders, making sure every item that goes into the box is what’s on the invoice. “The managers at this location are constantly looking for ways to get … Read more

DIY: IT’s first three-letter acronym

Full Article : Computerworld – Flashback to the days when this pilot fish is the senior technical consultant on a factory automation project where the big minicomputer that runs the show needs more terminals — and more serial ports to plug them into. “The PDP-11 was maxed out for … Read more

Sometimes just drop the good-natured ribbing, OK?

Full Article : Computerworld – It’s just a few years ago, and this small Canadian tech startup is running critically low on cash, reports a pilot fish on the scene. “Fortunately, thanks in part to the work of our Business Development Officer — an American, who works for us … Read more

It’s all about wrist management

Full Article : Computerworld – It’s a busy time at this big software vendor when a must-fix bug report comes in on a legacy product, reports a pilot fish on the inside. “Our system was very stable and we were making great strides at adding functionality to our new … Read more

Throwback Thursday: As long as you’re in there…

Full Article : Computerworld – Budgets are really tight these days at the company where this sysadmin pilot fish works, and that has consequences. “Since we can’t hire new people to backfill for those who leave, we’ve resorted to remote administration and other such tricks to balance workloads,” fish … Read more