Flatcar Linux: The CoreOS Operating System Lives on Beyond Red Hat

Full Article : Linux.com – https://www.linux.com/news/flatcar-linux-coreos-operating-system-lives-beyond-red-hat During the last KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in Copenhagen, attendees were re-introduced to Kinvolk, a Berlin-based group of open source contributors, including Chris Kühl, who were early contributors to the rkt container runtime devised at … Read more

Software-Defined Storage or Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Full Article : Linux.com – https://www.linux.com/news/software-defined-storage-or-hyperconverged-infrastructure It’s easy to get software-defined storage (SDS) confused with hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Both solutions “software-define” the infrastructure and abstract storage from the underlying hardware. They both run on commodity … Read more

Kubernetes and CNI: What’s Next — Making It Easier to Write Networking Plugins

Full Article : Linux.com – https://www.linux.com/news/kubernetes-and-cni-whats-next-making-it-easier-write-networking-plugins Linux containers have changed the way we think about application architecture and the speed at which we can deliver on business requirements. They provide consistency and portability across environments … Read more

CNCF’s CloudEvents Spec Could Facilitate Interoperability across Serverless Platforms

Full Article : Linux.com – https://www.linux.com/news/cncfs-cloudevents-spec-could-facilitate-interoperability-across-serverless-platforms The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) wants to foster greater interoperability between serverless platforms, through its release of the CloudEvents specification. The project is at version 0.1 iteration, and hopes that it will … Read more