Win10 FCU December patch KB 4054517 fails big time

Full Article : Computerworld – Some subset of users of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, version 1709, report persistent bugs with this month’s Patch Tuesday missive, KB 4054517. Many of those reporting problems are using recent Surface devices. Microsoft has not acknowledged any problems. Official sites only offer the old … Read more

Microsoft’s December Patch Tuesday a real yawner, so far

Full Article : Computerworld – Microsoft released its Patch Tuesday passel a couple of hours ago, and it looks like we can all go home and enjoy some eggnog. There were two fixed vulnerabilities for Win7, and two for Win 8.1, and the (five) supported Win10 versions had three … Read more

It’s time: Make sure Windows Auto Update is turned off

Full Article : Computerworld – It’s time to make sure your computer is locked down. If history is any indication, we’re going to be in for a rocky ride over the next week or two. In September, folks who were set to update Windows automatically were greeted by Word … Read more

Microsoft quietly repairs Windows Defender security hole CVE-2017-11937

Full Article : Computerworld – Many malware researchers were surprised to find an unexpected patch on their machines yesterday. It didn’t arrive through the front door — Windows Update wasn’t involved. Instead, the new version of mpengine.dll arrived automatically, around the back, even if you have Windows Update turned … Read more

Windows Update for Win7 broken, throwing error 80248015

Full Article : Computerworld – Reports are piling in from afar that Windows Update in Win7 is broken. My first sighting was late Sunday afternoon, when KarenS posted on the AskWoody Lounge: When I clicked on the Windows Update icon today to start the updates it said that my … Read more

Retro Start menu star Classic Shell heads out to pasture

Full Article : Computerworld – Hundreds of millions of downloads just doesn’t cut it, apparently. Ivo Beltchev, who first released the Start Menu replacement in 2009, has decided it just isn’t worth the effort any more. Yesterday he posted this on his official web blog: After months of deliberation, … Read more

Reports of IE 11 failing to start linked to font size

Full Article : Computerworld – Throughout history, there have been a million reasons why Internet Explorer won’t start: You click on the icon in the taskbar, and nothing happens. Thanks to some stellar sleuthing by @PKCano on AskWoody, it now appears that there’s an identifiable cause for some of … Read more

Get November Windows and Office updates installed — carefully

Full Article : Computerworld – The list of complaints about this month’s patches goes on forever. I covered the high points a couple of days ago. We’ve seen people who are running Win10 Creators Update and who specifically said they didn’t want to upgrade to Fall Creators Update get … Read more

Microsoft Patch Alert: November’s forced upgrades, broken printers and more

Full Article : Computerworld – There are so many issues with this month’s security patches that it’s hard to decide where to begin. Let’s start with the problems that have been acknowledged, then move into the realm of what’s not yet fully defined. [ Further reading: Patch alert: Microsoft … Read more

HP stealthily installs new spyware called HP Touchpoint Analytics Client

Full Article : Computerworld – Hard to imagine in this age of privacy scandals, but HP is installing a telemetry client on its customers’ computers — and it isn’t offering any warning, or asking permission, before delivering the payload. Dubbed “HP Touchpoint Analytics Service,” HP says it “harvests telemetry … Read more

Microsoft Thanksgiving turkeys: One patch disappears, another yanked

Full Article : Computerworld – For those of us keeping track of Windows patches, the long four-day weekend in the U.S. felt like another instantiation of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Here are the developments, in more or less chronological (which is to say, not logical at all) order. While … Read more