Microsoft finally stops screwing Surface Pro 4 owners with flickergate

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Win10 1803 pushy upgrades: Never give a seeker an even break

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Microsoft unexpectedly starts pushing Win10 version 1803 through Windows Update

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How to block the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, version 1803, from installing

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Microsoft Patch Alert: April patches infested with bugs, but most are finally contained

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Heads up: Total Meltdown exploit code now available on GitHub

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The missing cumulative update for Win10 1709 appeared overnight — KB 4093105

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You won’t believe why the Win7 Monthly Rollup, KB 4093118, keeps installing itself

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The gift that keeps on giving: Win7 Monthly Rollup KB 4093118 installs over and over

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Patches for Win10 1703 and 1607, and a brain-twisting update to the Win7 IP bug fix

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Does moving your pen drag the canvas? Welcome to yet another bug in Win10 1709 patches

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Patch Tuesday brings some surprises, some early crashes, and a surreal solution

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Get the March patches for your Windows machines installed, but watch out for Win7

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