Zstandard – A Super Faster Data Compression Tool For Linux

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BootISO – A Simple Bash Script To Securely Create A Bootable USB Device From ISO File

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How To Add, Enable And Disable A Repository By Using The DNF/YUM Config Manager Command On Linux

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How To Add Additional IP (Secondary IP) In Ubuntu System

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Tuptime – A Tool To Report The Historical And Statistical Running Time Of Linux System

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3 Methods To Install Latest Python3 Package On CentOS 6 System

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UKTools – Easy Way To Install Latest Stable Linux Kernel On Ubuntu/Mint And Derivatives

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11 Methods To Find System/Server Uptime In Linux

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zzupdate – Single Command To Upgrade Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)

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How To Check System Hardware Manufacturer, Model And Serial Number In Linux

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How To Update/Install Oracle Kernel Critical Security Updates Without Rebooting

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OSWbb – How To Install And Configure OSWatcher Black Box For System Diagnostics

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How To Resize Active/Primary root Partition In Linux Using GParted Utility

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17 Ways To Check Size Of Physical Memory (RAM) In Linux

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How To Install/Upgrade Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) In Oracle Linux

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Dry – An Interactive CLI Manager For Docker Containers

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How To Manage Disk Partitions Using Parted Command

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Cli.Fyi – A Tool To Quickly Retrieve Information About eMails, IP Addresses, URLs And Lots More From The CLI Or Browser

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