Those @#$%! spoilsports!

Full Article : Computerworld – This pilot fish and his family vacation at a resort condominium for two weeks every year — and getting an internet connection has been a longstanding challenge. “Until a few years ago, a connection was only available in public buildings,” says fish. “But about … Read more

10 reasons why Apple should acquire Shazam

Full Article : Computerworld – TechCrunch claims Apple will purchase leading music recognition service, Shazam. This hasn’t been confirmed but here are just ten reasons such a deal makes sense: Shazam’s Apple story Founded in 1999, Shazam first came to prominence on Apple’s platforms as a great tool for … Read more

IDG Contributor Network: Net Neutrality and people with disabilities

Full Article : Computerworld – A great move forward in the protection of civil rights occurred when in 1996 when the 104th Congress of the United States passed amendments the Telecommunications Act of 1934. We may not associate civil rights with telecommunications legislation until we consider the traditional goals … Read more

How killing Net Neutrality will affect enterprise mobility

Full Article : Computerworld – Efforts to dismantle net neutrality will likely effect enterprises and the way they do business, from how mobile apps are designed to where companies choose to store data commonly accessed on mobile devices. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) intends to vote this Thursday to … Read more

It’s time: Make sure Windows Auto Update is turned off

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Thermostat Wars: The Last Degree

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With smartphones like these, why do we need laptops?

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What’s in the latest Chrome update?

Full Article : Computerworld – Google this week issued Chrome 63 for Windows, macOS and Linux, adding important security enhancements for enterprises to stress the importance the company now puts on the commercial market. “Starting with [this] release, Site Isolation is now available … [which] renders content for each … Read more

Microsoft quietly repairs Windows Defender security hole CVE-2017-11937

Full Article : Computerworld – Many malware researchers were surprised to find an unexpected patch on their machines yesterday. It didn’t arrive through the front door — Windows Update wasn’t involved. Instead, the new version of mpengine.dll arrived automatically, around the back, even if you have Windows Update turned … Read more

Apple’s HomeKit security blunder exposes the risk of smart homes

Full Article : Computerworld – The expression “safe as houses” will become a thing of the past if tech firms don’t get connected home security right, and the need to be incredibly watchful was visible in Apple’s latest security blunder this week. Not so ideal home The latest iOS … Read more

IDG Contributor Network: The critical path to success for the Always Connected PC

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One year later, enterprises still wrestle with Windows 7’s cumulative updates

Full Article : Computerworld – More than a year after Microsoft changed its decades-long security updating practices, enterprises running Windows 7 continue to struggle with the new system, patch experts said today. “I still see people asking for individual updates, even on the [Windows] 10 operating system,” said Susan … Read more

So THAT’S who needs a DBA on the payroll!

Full Article : Computerworld – This company manages to get by without a database administrator for more than five years with hardly anyone seeing that as a problem, reports a pilot fish on the scene. “Right up until the system went down for hours after a developer dropped a … Read more

Microsoft Whiteboard adds ‘digital canvas’ collaboration to Windows 10

Full Article : Computerworld – Microsoft is bringing its Whiteboard ‘digital canvas’ app to Windows 10 users, providing a new way for employees to collaborate on creative work and share ideas. Whiteboard, aimed at Surface owners, makes use of the device’s stylus and touch inputs to share drawings. Users … Read more

Android nostalgia: 20 once-essential apps you’ve probably long forgotten

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Alexa for Business paves way for smart A.I. assistants at work

Full Article : Computerworld – Much as smartphones did in the late 2000s,voice-activated A.I. assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant appear poised to move from homes into the workplace. That’s the the idea behind this month’s launch of Alexa for Business by Amazon’s cloud computing subsidiary, Amazon Web … Read more

How blockchain will underpin the new trust economy

Full Article : Computerworld – Over the next two years, enterprises are expected to ramp up their efforts to test blockchain technology as part of a new method of establishing trust in a digital economy. New research from consultancy Deloitte LLP shows a “trust economy” is now developing around … Read more

Throwback Thursday: Who you callin’ a scope creep?

Full Article : Computerworld – Programmer pilot fish is approached by some of the company’s engineers. Can fish whip up a small database to track issues on the manufacturing line as they run tests? Sure, says fish. But before he can get started, a newly hired engineer gets wind … Read more

What do you get when you merge a lie detector, a job application and a mobile app?

Full Article : Computerworld – Mobile apps have certainly made a wide range of documents — including job applications, insurance claims and consumer surveys — easier to handle. But can they also silently add truth detection and emotion interpretation to increase the forms’ accuracy and value to companies? A … Read more

iOS 11 overtakes earlier versions of Apple’s mobile OS

Full Article : Computerworld – Apple’s iOS 11 is now on almost six in 10 of the company’s mobile devices, according to new data shared by the company. On Nov. 8, less than two months after its Sept. 19 release, the mobile platform had achieved just over a 50% adoption … Read more

3 top reasons people dump Android for iPhone

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The best note-taking apps for Android

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At last, a place that really appreciates him!

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Is your company a great place to work in IT?

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Android nostalgia: 13 once-trumpeted features that quietly faded away

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