Get November Windows and Office updates installed — carefully

Get November Windows and Office updates installed — carefully

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Smartsheet: A spreadsheet-based tool for simpler project management

Smartsheet: A spreadsheet-based tool for simpler project management

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Tech Talk: Uber hack, Google tracks, AWS packs (in China) … and Firefox is back

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What to do about Apple’s shameful Mac security flaw

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Brave browser opens users’ wallets to YouTube content creators

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Microsoft Patch Alert: November’s forced upgrades, broken printers and more

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Microsoft sets a cutoff date for free Office app viewers

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HP stealthily installs new spyware called HP Touchpoint Analytics Client

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Microsoft is flailing with Android app support on Chromebooks [Update: The saga continues]

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Microsoft Thanksgiving turkeys: One patch disappears, another yanked

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IDG Contributor Network: Microsoft Surface Book 2: the best product that never should have existed

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How smart was it for Williams-Sonoma to drop $112M for an AR firm?

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