Linux Kernel Developer: Thomas Gleixner

Full Article : – Since the beginning of the Git era (that is, the 2.6.11 release in 2005), a total of 15,637 developers have contributed to the Linux kernel, according to the recent Linux Kernel Development Report, written by Jonathan Corbet and Greg Kroah-Hartman. One of the top 30 developers is … Read more

Stop Calling Everything “Open Source”: What “Open Source” Really Means

Full Article : – What does open source mean? That’s an increasingly tough question to answer because the term is now being applied everywhere and to everything — which is not good. To understand why open source is losing its meaning, you have to start by tracing the origins of the … Read more

Kubernetes 1.9 Release Brings Greater Stability and Storage Features

Full Article : – The Kubernetes developer community is capping off a successful year with the release of Kubernetes 1.9, adding important new features that should help to further encourage enterprise adoption. Kubernetesis the most popular container orchestrator management software. It’s used to simplify the deployment and management … Read more

What’s New in Kubernetes Containers

Full Article : – The latest version of the open source container orchestration framework Kubernetes, Kubernetes 1.9, brings to the container-orchestration framework both full-blown and beta-test versions of significant new features: The general availability of the Workloads API. Beta support for Windows Server. An alpha version of a … Read more

Simplicity Before Generality, Use Before Reuse

Full Article : – A common problem in component frameworks, class libraries, foundation services, and other infrastructure code is that many are designed to be general purpose without reference to concrete applications. This leads to a dizzying array of options and possibilities that are often unused or misused — or … Read more

How to Squeeze the Most out of Linux File Compression

Full Article : – If you have any doubt about the many commands and options available on Linux systems for file compression, you might want to take a look at the output of the apropos compress command. Chances are you’ll be surprised by the many commands that you can use … Read more

CoreOS’s Open Cloud Services Could Bring Cloud Portability to Container-Native Apps

Full Article : – With the release of Tectonic 1.8, CoreOS provides a way to easily deploy container-native applications as services, even across multiple service providers and in-house resources. “We take open source APIs, make them super easy to consume, and create a catalog of these things to run on … Read more

What Open Means to OpenStack

Full Article : – In his keynote at OpenStack Summit in Australia, Jonathan Bryce (Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation) stressed on the meaning of both “Open” and “Stack” in the name of the project and focused on the importance of collaboration within the OpenStackecosystem.

Many Cloud-Native Hands Try to Make Light Work of Kubernetes

Full Article : – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, home of the Kubernetes open-source community, grew wildly this year. It welcomed membership from industry giants like Amazon Web Services Inc. and broke attendance records at last week’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon conference in Austin, Texas. This is all happy news for … Read more

Asynchronous Decision-Making: Helping Remote Teams Succeed

Full Article : – Asynchronous decision-making is a strategy that enables geographically and culturally distributed software teams to make decisions more efficiently. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the principles and tools that make this approach possible.

Leveraging NFV and SDN for Network Slicing

Full Article : – Network slicing is poised to play a pivotal role in the enablement of 5G. The technology allows operators to run multiple virtual networks on top of a single, physical infrastructure. With 5G commercialization set for 2020, many are wondering to what extend network functions … Read more

Juniper Moves OpenContrail to the Linux Foundation

Full Article : – Juniper Networks is moving the codebase for its OpenContrail network virtualization platform to the Linux Foundation. Juniper first released its Contrail products as open source in 2013 and built a community around the project. However, many stakeholders complained that Juniper didn’t work very hard to … Read more

Linux Foundation Continues to Emphasize Diversity and Inclusiveness at Events

Full Article : – This has been a pivotal year for Linux Foundation events. Our largest gatherings, which include Open Source Summit, Embedded Linux Conference, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, Open Networking Summit, and Cloud Foundry Summit, attracted a combined 25,000 people from 4,500 different organizations globally. Attendance was up … Read more

Mint 18.3: The Best Linux Desktop Takes Big Steps Forward

Full Article : – I run many operating systems every day, from macOS, to Windows 7 and 10, to more Linux desktop distributions than you can shake a stick at. And, once more, as a power-user’s power user, I’ve found the latest version of Linux Mint to be … Read more

Kubeflow: Bringing Together Kubernetes and Machine Learning

Full Article : – Kubeflow brings composable, easier to use stacks with more control and portability for Kubernetes deployments for all ML, not just TensorFlow. Introducing Kubeflow, the new project to make machine learning on Kubernetes easy, portable, and scalable. Kubeflow should be able to run in any environment … Read more