Preparing your organization for a future built on blockchain

Full Article : – In the first part of this review of Blockchain Revolution by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott, I presented some of the ways the authors suggest blockchain technology will impact organizations. In particular, I examined the open organization principles (transparency, inclusivity, adaptability, collaboration, community) and … Read more

Running storage services on Kubernetes

Full Article : – With the advent of containers, it’s a good time to rethink storage completely. As applications now consist of volatile sets of loosely coupled microservices running in containers, ever-changing in scale, constantly being updated and re-deployed, and always evolving, the traditional mindset of serving storage … Read more

Is blockchain a security topic?

Full Article : – Blockchains are big news at the moment. There are conferences, startups, exhibitions, open source projects (in fact, pretty much all of the blockchain stuff going on out there is open source—look at Ethereum, Zcash, and Bitcoin as examples); all we need now are hipster-run … Read more

Getting started with Turtl, an open source alternative to Evernote

Full Article : – Just about everyone I know takes notes, and many people use an online note-taking application like Evernote, Simplenote, or Google Keep. Those are all good tools, but you have to wonder about the security and privacy of your information—especially in light of Evernote’s privacy … Read more

10 must-read DevOps resources

Full Article : – Continuous learning is a key component of DevOps and digital transformation. If you are not learning from your day-to-day operations, your operational mindset will never change. If you don’t put effort into pushing the limits of each team member’s mind, your team will never … Read more

7 rules for avoiding documentation pitfalls

Full Article : – English serves as lingua franca in the open source community. To reduce translation costs, many teams have switched to English as the source language for their documentation. But surprisingly, writing in English for an international audience does not necessarily put native English speakers in … Read more

3 ways university classrooms can be more open

Full Article : – Institutions of higher education stress the importance of student autonomy in academic exploration—yet the typical configuration of university courses does not take full advantage of students’ potential to become actors in their education, rather than just receivers of it. To realize this potential and … Read more

CRI-O: All the runtime Kubernetes needs

Full Article : – Alongside the huge rise in the use of container technology over the past few years, we’ve seen similar growth in Docker. Because Docker made it easier to create containers than previous solutions, it quickly became the most popular tool for running containers; however, that Docker solved only … Read more

Win a System76 Galago Pro laptop with Linux preinstalled

Full Article : – We’re kicking off week two of our holiday giveaway marathon with a brand new System76 Galago Pro laptop with Linux (your choice of Ubuntu or Pop!_OS) preinstalled. The lucky grand prize winner will also receive a System76 T-Shirt. Since 2005, System76 has fought for … Read more

How to find a publisher for your tech book

Full Article : – You’ve got an idea for a technical book—congratulations! Like a hiking the Appalachian trail, or learning to cook a soufflé, writing a book is one of those things that people talk about, but never take beyond the idea stage. That makes sense, because the … Read more

Top 5: Politics of the Linux desktop, learning Python with Pygame, and more

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Giving the gift of a pull request to an open source project in need

Full Article : – On December 1st, 24 Pull Requests will be opening its virtual doors once again, asking you to give the gift of a pull request to an open source project in need.  Six years ago, inspired by 24 Ways (an advent calendar for web geeks), … Read more

Scrot: Linux command-line screen grabs made simple

Full Article : – There are great tools on the Linux desktop for taking screen captures, such as KSnapshot and Shutter. Even the simple utility that comes with the GNOME desktop does a pretty good job of capturing screens. But what if you rarely need to take screen … Read more

Tap the power of community with organized chaos

Full Article : – In this article, I want to share with you of the power of an unconference—because I believe it’s a technique anyone can use to generate innovative ideas, harness the power of participation, and strengthen community ties. I’ve developed a 90-minute session that mimics the … Read more

10 open source technology trends for 2018

Full Article : – Technology is always evolving. New developments, such as OpenStack, Progressive Web Apps, Rust, R, the cognitive cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, and more are putting our usual paradigms on the back burner. Here is a rundown of the top open source … Read more

5 best practices for getting started with DevOps

Full Article : – DevOps often stymies early adopters with its ambiguity, not to mention its depth and breadth. By the time someone buys into the idea of DevOps, their first questions usually are: “How do I get started?” and “How do I measure success?” These five best … Read more