Microsoft Gives Productivity Tools More AI Chops

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – Microsoft has announced new AI features and functionality for several of its flagship products and services. Harry Shum, EVP of Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research, demonstrated some of the new capabilities at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday. Building on the progress the … Read more

New Open Source Tools Test for VPN Leaks

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – ExpressVPN on Tuesday launched a suite of open source tools that let users test for vulnerabilities that can compromise privacy and security in virtual private networks. Released under an open source MIT License, they are the first-ever public tools to allow automated testing for … Read more

Creatives Not Likely to Blanch at iMac Pro’s $5K Price

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – Apple will release a professional version of its all-in-one iMac desktop computer with a $5,000 price tag on Thursday. Up to now, all-in-one computers in general and iMacs in particular have been seen as stylish offerings for home and family, but Apple has changed … Read more

Oops… Some HP Laptops Shipped With Hidden Keylogger

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – Some HP laptops users came with a preinstalled program to capture the keystrokes of users, a security researcher recently discovered. The researcher, Michael Myng aka “ZwClose,” discovered the keylogger software while trying to solve a keyboard problem for a friend. The software is turned … Read more

Qualcomm Unveils Powerful New Snapdragon SoC

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform, an SoC built for immersive multimedia experiences including extended reality, on-device artificial intelligence and high-speed connectivity. The SoC will power next-generation Android flagship smartphones and Windows 10 notebooks based on ARM architecture. Xiaomi reportedly will use … Read more

Google and Amazon Square Off, Ignoring Customers in the Middle

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – A long-simmering dispute between Google and Amazon has escalated into a front-burner feud, following Google’s decision to block its YouTube video service from Amazon’s Echo Show and Fire TV. Google apparently decided to cut off YouTube as retaliation for Amazon’s refusal to carry its … Read more

The Return of Industrial Espionage and the Building New Wave of Scandals

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – As powerful men drop like flies due to their inability to resist abusing their authority, it’s clear that the problem is widespread. Similarly, it’s likely that we’ll find the problem of alleged industrial espionage is not limited to Uber. You see, when people misuse … Read more

FDA Gives Nod to Apple Watch EKG Reader Accessory

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given the KardiaBand its stamp of approval, AliveCor announced Thursday. The device is the first FDA-cleared personal electrocardiogram accessory designed for use with an Apple Watch. The KardiaBand allows users to take EKG readings in order to … Read more

Quantum Key Distribution Gets a Speed Boost

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – A method for scrambling data to protect it from the super powerful computers of the future has received a speed boost from a team of researchers from Duke and Ohio State universities and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The method uses quantum key distribution … Read more

MacOS High Sierra Flaw Creates High Anxiety

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – Apple on Wednesday released Security Update 2017-001 to fix a serious flaw revealed earlier via Twitter. The patch is available for macOS High Sierra 10.13.1. macOS 10.12.6 and earlier versions aren’t affected by the flaw. “This morning, as of 8 a.m., the update is … Read more

New AWS Platform Promises Fast AR, VR, 3D Development

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – AWS has announced Amazon Sumerian, a new Web-based platform to help developers quickly design and deploy VR, AR and 3D applications without the requirement for complicated tools and training. The platform lets developers build realistic VR, AR or 3D environments, populate them with animated … Read more

Risky Scripts Pose Threat to Web Surfers, Say Researchers

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – A popular technique used by website operators to observe the keystrokes, mouse movements and scrolling behavior of visitors on Web pages is fraught with risk. The technique offered by a number of service providers uses scripts to capture the activity of a visitor on … Read more

The Fake News Fueling the Uproar Over Self-Driving Vehicles

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – It may seem obvious that a major consequence of self-driving trucks would be a lot of unemployed truck drivers, but the reality — at least for those who drive tractor trailers — could be better jobs. Autonomous vehicles have massive potential benefits. Models suggest … Read more

Facebook Messenger Promises Speedy Delivery of 4K Pics

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – Facebook on Tuesday raised the ante for messaging apps photo quality with the announcement of 4K support for Messenger. Starting Tuesday, “people can send and receive photos in Messenger at 4K resolution — or up to 4,096 x 4,096 pixels per image — the … Read more

BlackBerry: The Most Important Mobile Company of the Future?

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – As BlackBerry phones left the market, the company fell out of sight. However, behind the scenes it has been moving into industries like automotive. Also, it remains the leading vendor providing mobile security to our politicians, military personnel and major corporations. As we move … Read more

Newly Revealed Flaw Could Subject IoT Devices to Airborne Attacks

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – Billions of voice-activated Internet of Things devices may be subject to external attack due to BlueBorne vulnerabilities, Armis revealed on Wednesday. Hackers could exploit BlueBorne to mount an airborne attack, using Bluetooth to spread malware and access critical data, including sensitive personal information. More … Read more

The Rise of AI: Give Me That New Time Religion?

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – Anthony Levandowski, known for his work developing self-driving auto technology, reportedly has started the world’s first artificial intelligence-based religion. Levandowski, who has been at the center of a legal dispute between Google’s Waymo self-driving unit and Uber, has cast himself as the frontman for … Read more

Gadget Ogling: A Waterproof Reader, a Phone That’s Got Game, and Gloves That Make Paying Up Comfy

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – One of the great joys of reading is that you can do it anywhere. A relaxing bath is a prime opportunity for getting through a few chapters, but woe betide those who let their paperback slip into the tub or accidentally splash water into … Read more

Eavesdropper Vulnerability Exposes Hundreds of Mobile Apps

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – Appthority on Thursday warned that up to 700 apps in the enterprise mobile environment, including more than 170 that were live in official app stores, could be at risk to due to the Eavesdropper vulnerability. Affected Android apps already may have been downloaded up … Read more

Amazon Cloud Cam Joins Burgeoning Smart-Home Ecosystem

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – Amazon on Wednesday began shipping its latest smart home product, a security camera that works with its Alexa personal assistant and Echo speakers. The Amazon Cloud Cam allows customers to live-stream activity inside their home 24/7. It features 1080p full HD resolution, two-way audio … Read more

High Price Undercuts Microsoft’s Xbox One X Mic Drop

Full Article : TechNewsWorld – Microsoft has released its long-anticipated and much-hyped Xbox One X console, promising to push the boundaries of modern gaming and video entertainment. The Xbox One X is the most powerful console in the world, with up to 40 percent more power than existing devices … Read more