New Spider ransomware threatens to delete your files if you don’t pay within 96 hours

Full Article : ZDNet – Security – Attackers behind new ransomware campaign are offering a “really easy” tutorial video in order to ensure they make money from their criminal activities.

Symantec says biometrics isn’t the answer for protecting against financial fraud

Full Article : ZDNet – Security – With Australians to soon transfer money in near real-time, banks will need to up their fraud detection capabilities, but Symantec’s local CTO has said biometrics isn’t the way to do that.

This ransomware asks victims to name their own price to get their files back

Full Article : ZDNet – Security – Attackers behind this form of file-encrypting malware – which has similarities with Locky – think that if the victim can set their own price, they’re more likely to pay.