BlackBerry pens framework for securing connected and autonomous cars

Full Article : ZDNet – Security – Four industry trends are making vehicles vulnerable to cyber attacks and failures: vehicles access, software control, autonomous driving, and the changing state of software, according to BlackBerry.

FCC revisited: Net neutrality changes are misleading and not benign, says Gewirtz

Full Article : ZDNet – Security – Upon finding updated but disturbingly unofficial source documents, David Gewirtz recants his earlier statement that the FCC changes are benign. The FCC’s intentions may be out there, … Read more

Opinion: Net neutrality is a myth, and the FCC changes aren’t what you think

Full Article : ZDNet – Security – David Gewirtz argues that the FCC is not eliminating the no-blocking, no-throttling, and no-paid-prioritization restrictions on American internet providers. And he dives deep into the federal regulation … Read more