Orbital Apps – A New Generation Of Linux applications

Full Article : OSTechNix – https://www.ostechnix.com/orbitalapps-new-generation-ubuntu-linux-applications/ Today, we are going to learn about Orbital Apps or ORB (Open Runnable Bundle) apps, a collection of free, cross-platform, open source applications. All ORB apps are portable. You can … Read more

UKTools – Easy Way To Install Latest Stable Linux Kernel On Ubuntu/Mint And Derivatives

Full Article : 2daygeek – https://www.2daygeek.com/uktools-easy-way-to-install-latest-stable-linux-kernel-on-ubuntu-mint-and-derivatives/ There are multiple utilities is available for Ubuntu to upgrade Linux kernel to latest stable version. We had already wrote about those utility in the past such as Linux … Read more

Kubernetes and Microservices: A Developers’ Movement to Make the Web Faster, Stable, and More Open

Full Article : Linux.com – https://www.linux.com/news/kubernetes-and-microservices-developers-movement-make-web-faster-stable-and-more-open As web development has evolved, there has been a tendency to develop “monolithic” applications — that is, software that contains most or all parts of the code for a given company … Read more