Getting Started in Bitcoin? Check Out These 5 Bitcoin Clients for Linux

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Why the IoT needs wireless power

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Apple and Cisco just improved security in the iOS enterprise

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Learn To Use Man Pages Efficiently

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Linux Kernel Developer: Thomas Gleixner

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Synology announces DiskStation DS218 and FlashStation FS1018 NAS

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Mozilla’s claims of Firefox Quantum success aren’t confirmed by user stats

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Using AWS for data protection — where barriers can also be benefits

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Stop Calling Everything “Open Source”: What “Open Source” Really Means

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Kubernetes 1.9 Release Brings Greater Stability and Storage Features

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Getting started with a TensorFlow surgery classifier with TensorBoard data viz

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Fedora Classroom Session: Fedora QA 102

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14 practical resources for DevOps practitioners

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Apple begins selling iMac Pro, unveils official Thunderbolt 3 cable, and adds 360-degree VR editing to Final Cut Pro X

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The Beginner’s Guide to Gaming on Mac

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