Apple begins selling iMac Pro, unveils official Thunderbolt 3 cable, and adds 360-degree VR editing to Final Cut Pro X

Full Article : BetaNews – All-in-one desktops are generally a terrible idea. Outside of saving desk space, there is really no benefit to combining a display and your computer into one unit. Hell, it is quite a negative, as if the display breaks, you have to get the whole … Read more

Satechi unveils Aluminum Type-C Clamp Hub Pro for 2017 iMac Pro

Full Article : BetaNews – Today is a huge day for Apple, as its much-anticipated iMac Pro finally goes on sale. While it isn’t a revolutionary product, the computer should placate vocal Mac users that have been clamoring for more power. If you do decide to spend $5,000 or … Read more

Get paid $5 just for trying Apple Pay!

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You can now pre-order apps for your Apple devices

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Are You More Likely to Utilize Tutorials from Device and Software Companies or Users?

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Amazon Prime Video comes to Apple TV, and the US gains live sport

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Apple wins iPad trademark case against Xiaomi Mi Pad

Full Article : BetaNews – A court has ruled that Chinese phone maker Xiaomi may not trademark the name Mi Pad in Europe. The name was thought to be too similar to Apple’s iPad, despite there being a difference in pronunciation. The General Court — the second highest court … Read more

Apple agrees to cough up for $15 billion Irish tax bill

Full Article : BetaNews – Apple is just one of many technology companies whose tax arrangements in Europe have been criticized. Like other firms, Apple made use of Ireland to help reduce its tax bills, and this is something that the European Commission took exception to. Last year the … Read more

Apple Pay Cash rolls out to iOS 11.2 users in the US

Full Article : BetaNews – Over the weekend, Apple pushed out iOS 11.2 a little earlier than planned to address a crashing problems affecting iPhone users. The update included a non-functioning version of Apple Pay Cash, but now Apple is flicking the switch to activate the new payment options. … Read more

Apple Support now offers tips, tricks and tutorials on YouTube

Full Article : BetaNews – Apple’s presence on YouTube is not exactly new, but the iPhone maker has not been the most prolific of posters. All this looks set to change as Apple is now pushing its dedicated channel. Video tutorials seems to be an obvious thing for Apple … Read more

Apple SNAFU means updating to macOS 10.13.1 could reactive root access bug

Full Article : BetaNews – A few days ago, a serious security flaw with macOS High Sierra came to light. It was discovered that it was possible to log into the “root” account without entering a password, and — although the company seemed to have been alerted to the … Read more

Has your iPhone started crashing in iOS 11.1.2? You’re not alone… and there’s a fix

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Security: macOS High Sierra bug lets you log in as ‘root’… without a password

Full Article : BetaNews – If you thought that you needed a password to access a password-protected Mac, think again. A massive security hole has been discovered in macOS High Sierra that makes it possible to log in with admin rights without the need to provide a password. The … Read more