LosslessCut is a Ridiculously Simple Video Cutter for Linux

Full Article : It’s FOSS – https://itsfoss.com/losslesscut-video-cutter/ Brief: If you want a no-nonsense tool that just lets you cut parts of your videos, give LosslessCut a try. It’s an effortless video splitter for Linux. There are a number of video editors available for Linux. You can use them for professional … Read more

Translate Shell – A Tool To Use Google Translate From Command Line In Linux

Full Article : 2daygeek – https://www.2daygeek.com/translate-shell-a-tool-to-use-google-translate-from-command-line-in-linux/ I love to work and share about CLI apps since i’m very much interested on CLI applications. Basically i prefer CLI because most of the time i will be sitting in front of the…

Use Evernote on Linux with These Tools

Full Article : It’s FOSS – https://itsfoss.com/evernote-on-linux/ Brief: Since Evernote doesn’t have an official client for Linux, we list the best unofficial Evernote clients for Linux.  Evernote is a popular note-taking app with online synchronization and backups. Users can create a note with text and images, audio clips or with … Read more

Teleconsole – A Tool To Share Your Terminal Session Instantly To Anyone In Seconds

Full Article : 2daygeek – https://www.2daygeek.com/teleconsole-share-terminal-session-instantly-to-anyone-in-seconds/ You may already know about popular remote desktop sharing applications which is available in market such as Teamviewer, Skype, Join.me, Chrome Remote Desktop, Real VNC, Apache Guacamole, etc,. It’s used to share entire system…

Cutegram: A Cuter Telegram Application for Linux

Full Article : It’s FOSS – https://itsfoss.com/cutegram-linux/ Brief: Cutegram is an unofficial Telegram client for desktop Linux. It provides more features than the official Telegram client itself. Telegram is one of the best instant messengers for Linux and it definitely needs no introduction. It is loved by the community because … Read more

wikipedia2text – A Command Line Tool For Querying The Wikipedia Article

Full Article : 2daygeek – https://www.2daygeek.com/wikipedia2text-wiki-cli-access-query-read-wikipedia-page-article-in-linux-command-line/ Hi folks am back with another interesting topic called wikipedia2text. It’s a small Shell script to query the Wikipedia articles in console, also it can open the article in any browser. This shell script…

Franz Combines all Your Messaging Apps in a Single Application

Full Article : It’s FOSS – https://itsfoss.com/franz-messaging-app/ Brief: Franz is a free to use application that combines different messaging services like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Telegram, Skype, Slack and other chat applications in one application.  In this social media age, you just don’t want to miss an update. With … Read more

Nuclear Music Player for Multi Source Music Streaming in Linux

Full Article : It’s FOSS – https://itsfoss.com/nuclear-music-player-linux/ Brief: We’ll have a look at Nuclear, one of the lesser known music players in Linux. It lets you stream music from a number of sources such as YouTube, SoundCloud etc. Although I do maintain a collection of good ol’ mp3 files on my … Read more