Exploit emerges for Microsoft’s duff Meltdown patch for Windows 7 and Server 2008

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/26/exploit-for-microsofts-dodgy-meltdown-patch/ For Microsoft, the patches it produced for the Meltdown chip vulnerability proved to be just about as problematic as the original issue, further reducing the security of systems. Following … Read more

TaskRabbit returns after security breach and reveals ‘personally identifiable information’ was exposed

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/19/taskrabbit-data-breach/ The CEO of TaskRabbit has informed users that “certain personally identifiable information may have been compromised” in a security incident that saw the website and app taken offline earlier … Read more

TaskRabbit app and website are down while a ‘cybersecurity incident’ is investigated

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/17/taskrabbit-cybersecurity-incident/ IKEA-owned TaskRabbit is offline while the company investigates a “cybersecurity incident”. Very little information has been given about the incident, but the company says that it is working with … Read more

Microsoft launches Defending Democracy Program to protect against hacking and misinformation

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/14/microsoft-defending-democracy-program/ Concern about Russian interference in both the US presidential election and the UK Brexit referendum highlighted the importance the internet now plays in political campaigns. But as well as … Read more

Hacker exploits Verge bug to generate cryptocurrency coins worth $780,000 in 3 hours

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/05/verge-cryptocurrency-hack/ Verge may not be the biggest cryptocurrency out there, but it does have quite a following and has generated enough interest to attract hackers. The cryptocurrency came under attack … Read more

Have I Been Pwned teams up with 1Password to improve post-security breach advice

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/03/29/have-i-been-pwned-1password/ Data breach checking website Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) — used by governments and individuals around the world — has announced a new partnership with 1Password The arrangement is … Read more

Firefox’s ‘master password’ system can be easy bypassed using brute force

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/03/19/brute-force-firefox-master-password/ If you’re a Firefox user, it’s highly possible that you use the browser to store your login usernames and passwords for the sake of ease. Supposing you’re a little … Read more

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance offers $250,000 bounty for hacker information

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/03/13/binance-cryptocurrency-exchange-hacking-bounty/ A week ago, cryptocurrency exchange Binance was the victim of a hacking attempt. While the attempt on March 7 is described as “not successful,” Binance is still eager to … Read more

Government websites in US, UK and Australia hacked to run secret cryptocurrency miner

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/02/12/monero-mining-government-website-hijack/ Thousands of government websites around the world have been hijacked to mine the cryptocurrency Monero. A commonly-used accessibility script was hacked to inject the Coinhive miner into official sites … Read more