TLP – Make Your Linux Laptop Battery Last Longer

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How to Get Live Cricket Data from Terminal

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How to Install Discord on Ubuntu/Arch Linux

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Newsboat – A Terminal Based RSS/Atom Feed Reader

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Install Tilix Terminal Emulator in Ubuntu/Fedora/Arch Linux

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How to Install Atom, an Advanced Text Editor in Linux

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How to Install LAMP Stack on Fedora 27

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S4 – Command Line Tool to Sync Local Files with Amazon S3

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diff-so-fancy – Improved Human Readable Format for Git diff

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Newsroom – Command Line Tool to Read your Favorite News

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How to Install and Use GraphicsMagick to Edit Images CLI

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System Tar Restore – Feature-rich Backup Script for Linux

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Suplemon – Modern CLI Text Editor with Multi Cursor Support

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How to Create Bootable Arch Linux on USB Drive

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How to Install Cabot Monitoring Tool using Docker

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Hub – Tool to Increase your Productivity on GitHub

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Coinmon – Check Cryptocurrencies Prices Command Line

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How To Search ‘DuckDuckGo’ from Command Line

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Bash Insulter – Get Insulted When Typing Wrong Linux Commands

Full Article : LinOxide – Bash Insulter is a funny CLI tool that insults you randomly when you type a wrong command. It can bring out a smile on these long working days. This tool is open-source and its code is available in the official Github […] The post Bash … Read more

DriveSync – Sync Local Files with Google Drive from Linux CLI

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