TVAddons: Streaming through Kodi addons protects you from malware and cryptocurrency miners

Full Article : BetaNews – Kodi has been the subject of controversy for some time, and addon repository TVAddons has, in particular, been criticized from many quarters. Having recently announced that it will no longer proactively check for pirated content, TVAddons is suggesting that there’s a very good reason to … Read more

2017 — the year malware became evasive

Full Article : BetaNews – While 2017 saw enhancements in defenses — such as the use of artificial intelligence — it also demonstrated that cyber criminals continue to find their way around defensive measures with new evasion techniques. Anti-evasion software specialist Minerva Labs has released its Year in Review … Read more

World’s biggest botnet delivers new ransomware threat

Full Article : BetaNews – The latest Global Threat Index from cyber security specialist Check Point reveals that the Necurs spam botnet — reckoned to be the largest in the world — is being used to distribute one of the latest ransomware threats. During the Thanksgiving holiday in the … Read more

‘Doppelgänging’ attack hides malware from security tools

Full Article : BetaNews – Endpoint protection company EnSilo has used this week’s Black Hat Europe conference in London to reveal how Microsoft Windows features can be used to slip malicious ransomware and other threats past most updated, market-leading AV products. EnSilo researchers demonstrated how, by manipulating how Windows … Read more

How to Detect and Remove Malware from Your Mac

Full Article : Make Tech Easier – Thanks to a smaller market share, Macs are not as susceptible to malware infections as their Windows counterparts. However, it’s still possible to find your Mac infected with malware. If you want to remove malware from your Mac, the following will show … Read more

Marcher Malware Poses Triple Threat to Android Users

Full Article : LinuxInsider – A three-pronged banking malware campaign has been infecting Android phones since the beginning of this year, according to security researchers. Attackers have been stealing credentials, planting the Marcher banking Trojan on phones, and nicking credit card information. So far, they have targeted customers of … Read more