What’s Your Favorite Tech News Story of 2017?

Full Article : Make Tech Easier – http://feeds.maketecheasier.com/~r/MakeTechEasier/~3/e8l0i1ZXfgY/ No matter what corner of the world you live in, there were many, many news stories going on this year, especially in technology. There were fake news stories borne through tech communication, a debate over net neutrality, and the iPhone X release. … Read more

Are You More Likely to Utilize Tutorials from Device and Software Companies or Users?

Full Article : Make Tech Easier – http://feeds.maketecheasier.com/~r/MakeTechEasier/~3/Od5uYg9IDZM/ Recently it was announced that Apple Support started a YouTube channel with how-to tutorial videos for iOS. Some might be thankful for the service while others may feel it’s a waste with the glut of user videos already filling up the space. … Read more

With All the Hacks Lately, Do You Still Trust Saving Your Files to the Cloud?

Full Article : Make Tech Easier – http://feeds.maketecheasier.com/~r/MakeTechEasier/~3/6KImpcFScuI/ Security is often a concern we have with technology. One area we’re never too sure about is the Cloud. Since we don’t physically have the files we place in the Cloud, it makes it hard to trust it, especially in relation to … Read more

People Should Really Be Thankful For Free Software Developers

Full Article : FOSS Post – https://fosspost.org/opinions/people-be-thankful-for-free-software-developers Users don’t usually realize the value of free software they get for free. Things like Linux, LibreOffice, Inkscape, GIMP and a lot of other free software may be essential in the daily life of each of us. However, we may not actually feel … Read more