Facebook sneakily shifts data of 1.5 billion users away from Europe and GDPR

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/20/facebook-moves-data-from-europe/ Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the spotlight of privacy has been firmly on Facebook. The social network has made numerous promises about offering greater privacy controls to users, and … Read more

TaskRabbit returns after security breach and reveals ‘personally identifiable information’ was exposed

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/19/taskrabbit-data-breach/ The CEO of TaskRabbit has informed users that “certain personally identifiable information may have been compromised” in a security incident that saw the website and app taken offline earlier … Read more

Facebook reveals new privacy controls for users around the world

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/18/facebook-new-global-privacy-controls-gdpr/ Facebook has been hit with renewed criticism of its privacy policies in recent weeks in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Having promised to give users more control … Read more

Facebook: Yep, we track non-users — but everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn’t we?

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/17/facebook-tracks-non-users/ In a blog post addressing some of the questions Mark Zuckerberg failed to properly answer in front of Congress, Facebook has admitted that it tracks both users and non-users … Read more

A Privacy & Security Concern Regarding GNOME Software

A Privacy & Security Concern Regarding GNOME Software

Full Article : FOSS Post – https://fosspost.org/analytics/privacy-security-concern-regarding-gnome-software GNOME Software is the default application in the GNOME desktop environment to manage software. It also allows you to receive firmware updates through an underlaying daemon called “fwupd“, … Read more

Privacy: Firefox for iOS now has tracking protection by default and new options for iPad users

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/12/firefox-ios-tracking-protection/ Mozilla has launched a new version of Firefox for iOS, and the big news is that it now has Tracking Protection turned on by default. It comes shortly after … Read more

Watch Mark Zuckerberg testify before Senate about Facebook privacy at 2:15PM ET

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/10/mark-zuckerberg-facebook-senate-testimony/ After keeping something of a low profile for a while, Mark Zuckerberg has eventually started to address the Cambridge Analytica scandal. He was asked to testify before Congressional committees, … Read more

Today Facebook will notify 87 million users that their data was the subject of data breach

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/09/facebook-data-breach-notifications/ Initially thought to affect 50 million accounts, it later transpired that as many as 87 million Facebook users were affected by the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal. Today, the … Read more

Use restic on Fedora for encrypted backups

Use restic on Fedora for encrypted backups

Full Article : Fedora Magazine – https://fedoramagazine.org/use-restic-encrypted-backups/ Restic is a fast, efficient, free and open source backup application that secures your data with AES-256 encryption. Restic also utilizes deduplication to help conserve backup space. Additionally, … Read more

Privacy: Facebook will roll out GDPR controls to the whole world, not just Europe

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/05/facebook-worldwide-privacy-controls/ Mark Zuckerberg has laid out Facebook’s plans for the future in a conference call with reporters. In it, he said that the social network now planned to bring GDPR-style … Read more

Facebook users in Europe will soon have better privacy protection than those in the US

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/04/facebook-privacy-us-vs-europe/ In a few weeks, privacy is set to improve for Facebook users — at least this is the case for people in Europe. May 25 sees the implementation of … Read more