New tool offers an affordable anti-ransomware solution for enterprises

Full Article : BetaNews – Over the last year attacks like WannaCry and Petya have brought ransomware into the public eye like never before. Security intelligence platform CyberSight is launching a new solution to predict, detect and stop ransomware attacks. RansomStopper uses proprietary technology and machine learning to provide … Read more

Privacy: Google updates Safe Browsing rules so apps must warn when they collect personal data

Full Article : BetaNews – Google is introducing changes to its Safe Browsing policies, requiring Android apps to display their own privacy warning if they collect users’ personal data. The company says that if app developers refuse to comply, Google will display a warning of its own. Developers have … Read more

Apple SNAFU means updating to macOS 10.13.1 could reactive root access bug

Full Article : BetaNews – A few days ago, a serious security flaw with macOS High Sierra came to light. It was discovered that it was possible to log into the “root” account without entering a password, and — although the company seemed to have been alerted to the … Read more

UK government turns against Russian software

Full Article : BetaNews – There have been concerns about Russian security firm Kaspersky in the US for some time, and now these fears have spread across the Atlantic to the UK. The director of the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued a warning that no Russian-made … Read more

How Can You Protect Your Computer?

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How the healthcare sector is waking up to phishing threats [Q&A]

Full Article : BetaNews – The healthcare sector is a popular target for phishing attacks, yet it’s failing to adopt simple measures like DMARC that could offer protection to both patients and staff. A new report from cyber security company Agari reveals that fewer than 10 percent NHS Trusts … Read more

Sneaky websites continue to mine cryptocurrency even after you close them

Full Article : BetaNews – With the massive rise in popularity — and value — of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, it’s little wonder that people are seeking out ever more imaginative and sneaky ways to mine coins without having to invest in dedicated hardware. Websites that mine for cryptocurrency … Read more

Want to switch from Apple macOS to Linux because of the ‘root’ security bug? Give deepin 15.5 a try!

Full Article : BetaNews – Apple’s macOS is a great operating system. Not only is it stable and beautifully designed, but it very secure too. Well, usually it is. Unless you live under a rock, you definitely heard about the macOS High Sierra security bug that made the news … Read more

Ivanti inventories and protects enterprise endpoints

Full Article : BetaNews – Endpoint systems continue to be the weakest point for most organizations, allowing a potential route for hackers to penetrate networks and steal data. IT and security operations specialist Ivanti is launching a new version of its Endpoint Manager and Endpoint Security aimed at simplifying … Read more

How to Check Integrity of File and Directory Using “AIDE” in Linux

Full Article : Tecmint – In our mega guide to hardening and securing CentOS 7, under the section “protect system internally”, one of the useful security tools we listed for internal system protection against viruses, rootkits, malware, and detection…

Apple expeditiously patches embarrassing macOS High Sierra security bug, thereby regaining my trust

Full Article : BetaNews – I am not a rich man. With that said, when I bought my first-ever Mac computer last year — a 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar — parting with that much cash was a very big deal for me. I spent more on this … Read more

Facebook may start using selfies to verify logins

Full Article : BetaNews – Some Facebook users have reported that the social network is asking them to upload a selfie as a means of verifying their identity. It seems that the company is testing out a new form of captcha as it asks that you “upload a photo … Read more

‘Unknown’ antivirus tool tops independent tests

Full Article : BetaNews – German independent testing institute AV Test has released the results of its latest test of Windows home user antivirus programs. In a surprise result, Kaspersky Internet Security shares first place in the test with relative unknown AhnLab V3 Internet Security. Both achieved an 18/18 … Read more

Over 90 percent of cryptocurrency mobile apps contain vulnerabilities

Full Article : BetaNews – In the week when cryptocurrency values have reached new levels some worrying research from web security firm High-Tech Bridge reveals that more than 90 percent of the most popular cryptocurrency mobile apps on Google Play have common vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The company used its … Read more

Security: macOS High Sierra bug lets you log in as ‘root’… without a password

Full Article : BetaNews – If you thought that you needed a password to access a password-protected Mac, think again. A massive security hole has been discovered in macOS High Sierra that makes it possible to log in with admin rights without the need to provide a password. The … Read more

Most people would stop dealing with companies following a data breach

Full Article : BetaNews – If a company suffered a data breach, 70 percent of consumers would stop doing business with it, according to a new survey of 10,000 people worldwide. The study carried out for digital security company Gemalto also reveals that 37 percent now believe that they … Read more

The strangest ways of stealing data

Full Article : BetaNews – Most data thefts are down to relatively simple techniques, like phishing, in order to get hold of login credentials. But even where systems are well protected, hackers can find ingenious ways of breaching security. VPN advice site Top 10 VPN has compiled information from … Read more

Number of stolen credentials at top UK companies triples in 2017

Full Article : BetaNews – A new study from threat intelligence platform Anomali reveals that the volume of credential exposures among FTSE 100 companies in the UK has dramatically increased to 16,583 from April to July 2017, compared to 5,275 in last year’s analysis. According to the findings 77 … Read more

How To Protect Server Against Brute Force Attacks With Fail2ban On Linux

Full Article : 2daygeek – One of the important task for Linux administrator is to protect server against illegitimate attack or access. By default Linux system comes with well-configured firewall such as Iptables, Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW), ConfigServer Security Firewall…

Libarchive Security Flaw Discovered

Full Article : LinuxJournal – When it comes to security, everyone knows you shouldn’t run executable files from an untrustworthy source. Back in the late 1990s, when web users were a little more naive, it was quite common to receive infected email messages with fake attachments. more>>