Government websites in US, UK and Australia hacked to run secret cryptocurrency miner

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New open source platform offers secure, self-hosted collaboration

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Enterprises spend more than $16 million on hidden costs of detection-based security

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NSA exploits leaked by hackers tweaked to work on all versions of Windows since 2000

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Cyber criminals in ‘gold rush’ to exploit cryptocurrencies

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Windows Defender to root out dodgy registry cleaners and system optimization tools

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Trump administration wants to nationalize 5G, but the FCC is not impressed

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Security warning: Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro has a hardcoded password backdoor

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Strava says military users should opt out of heatmap feature to avoid revealing secret army base locations

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Intel will release chips free from Meltdown and Spectre bugs this year

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Corporations seen as a bigger threat to data privacy than cyber criminals

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