Patches for Win10 1703 and 1607, and a brain-twisting update to the Win7 IP bug fix

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Yesterday, the third Tuesday of the month, Microsoft dumped another big bucket of patches:

KB 4093117 brings Win10 1703 up to build 15063.1058, many miscellaneous fixes, no known issues. KB 4093120 brings Win10 1607 to build 14393.2214, a similarly large bunch of fixes, no known issues. KB 4093113 is the regular Monthly Rollup Preview for Win7. KB 4093121 is the similar Monthly Rollup Preview for Win 8.1. The Update Catalog says there’s a new version of KB 4099950, the abandoned patch for fixing the NIC/static IP bug in Win7.

There are lots of oddities in this motley collection.

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