Lengthy Review of Linux Mint 19: A Distro for Everyone

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Linux Mint is one of the most popular Linux distributions of all time. I have been seeing people using Mint everywhere on their desktops, and when I used to ask them about “Why Mint?” they simply say “It just works”. And indeed, it does.

The distribution’s developers have been on a mission since 2006 to create a user-friendly Linux distribution which would suite almost any user for it. More importantly, everything a new user for the Linux world needs is installed/ready for installation in Mint, which is not the case in other distributions with other purposes.

Linux Mint 19 “Tara”

1 thought on “Lengthy Review of Linux Mint 19: A Distro for Everyone

  1. I am very disappointed with Linux mint. For almost a week, I have tried to connect to my netgear wireless (compatible with Linux), with no luck…..so, I have a laptop that must be hardwired to work! And, I understand that connecting to my printer (wireless) will be even more difficult!
    Wish I had remained with Microsoft!

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