Who cares what Trump thinks about Europe’s record fine for Google?

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/07/20/trump-google-fine-europe/ It’s just days since the Europe hit Google with a record fine for what it described as “very serious illegal behavior” in an antitrust case about the company’s abuse … Read more

EU hits Google with record €4.34bn fine for ‘very serious illegal behaviour’ in Android antitrust case

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/07/18/google-record-antitrust-fine/ The European Commission has fined Google a record €4.34 billion ($5 billion) in an antitrust case that saw the company accused of using Android as a “vehicle to cement … Read more

Zuckerberg’s appearance in front of the EU was an utter joke

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/05/23/mark-zuckerberg-fails-to-answer-eu-questions/ Yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared in front of members of the European Parliament to answer questions and to address concerns that the EU has about the social network … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg agrees to appear in front of EU parliament to answer questions about Facebook’s use of data

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/05/16/mark-zuckerberg-european-parliament-questions/ After refusing to answer questions in the UK, Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to face questions in front of the EU Parliament. The grilling comes in the wake of the … Read more

Apple’s purchase of Shazam to be investigated by the EU

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/24/apple-shazam-purchase-eu-investigation/ Apple’s planned purchase of UK-based music-recognition app Shazam for $400 million is facing an investigation by the European Commission. The commission is concerned that the purchase could give Apple … Read more

Facebook sneakily shifts data of 1.5 billion users away from Europe and GDPR

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/04/20/facebook-moves-data-from-europe/ Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the spotlight of privacy has been firmly on Facebook. The social network has made numerous promises about offering greater privacy controls to users, and … Read more

Coinbase receives e-money license in EU, will offer faster payments to UK customers

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/03/14/coinbase-eu-e-money-license-faster-uk-payments/ The cryptocurrency market is going through a tough period right now. The cap is down significantly from the record high reached in January, Google is following Facebook in banning … Read more

German court says Facebook’s privacy settings and use of personal data are illegal

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2018/02/12/facebook-privacy-ruling-germany/ Facebook is no stranger to privacy-related controversy, and now a German court has ruled that the social networks’ use of personal data is illegal. The court in Berlin also … Read more

UK and EU to expand Bitcoin regulation to combat money laundering and tax evasion

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2017/12/04/eu-uk-bitcoin-regulation/ Following concerns that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are being used for not only tax evasion but also money laundering, governments in the UK and across Europe are planning to … Read more

Privacy: UK government to tweak Snooper’s Charter after conceding it is illegal in its current form

Full Article : BetaNews – https://betanews.com/2017/12/01/government-tweaks-snoopers-charter/ The highly controversial Snooper’s Charter — also known as the Investigatory Powers Act — is, the government has been forced to admit, illegal under European law in its current … Read more